Thread: PG11 

Thread Length: 9.0mm (0.36inch)

Cable Management: 5-10mm (0.20inch-0.40inch)

Protection Level: IP68-10

Waterproof: Yes

Material: Nylon 66

Working Temperature: -40℃~+100℃ (short work in +120℃)

Package Included: 10pcs cable glands with locknut


Excellent Strain Relief

UL Approved

RoHS Compliant

ISO9001:2015 Certified


Thread Cable Range Thread O.D. Thread Length Spanner Size Wholesale Package
PG7 3-6.5mm12.5mm 8mm 18/16mm 100pcs/bag
PG94-8mm15.2mm 8mm22/19mm 100pcs/bag
PG115-10mm18.6mm 9mm24/22mm 100pcs/bag
PG13.56-13mm20.4mm 9mm27/24mm 100pcs/bag
PG168-14mm22.5mm 10mm30/27mm 100pcs/bag
PG1912-15mm24mm 10mm30/27mm 100pcs/bag
PG2113-18mm28.3mm 12mm 35/33mm 100pcs/bag
PG2514-20mm30mm 12mm 37/35mm 100pcs/bag
PG29 18-25mm 37mm 12mm 45/42mm 50pcs/bag
PG36 24-32mm 47mm 16mm 57/52mm 20pcs/bag
PG42 30-41mm 54mm 18mm 62/58mm 20pcs/bag
PG48 35-45mm 59.3mm 20mm 70/64mm 20pcs/bag
PG63 42-50mm 71mm 26mm 83/77mm 10pcs/bag


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PG11 Plastic Waterproof Cable Gland - 10pcs

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